Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Technology App Research - Quizlet


1. Quizlet, which was created by a man named Andrew Sutherland and publically released in January 2007, is an online learning tool/source whose mission is to help people worldwide to learn different subjects and build up personal knowledge by allowing people to share flashcards and other sources of information which the people at Quizlet feel is powerful, seeing that people are able to learn from other's shared experiences. This tool was created by Sutherland 10 years ago when he was trying to study for a high school French vocabulary quiz, which he scored high on, attracting other students to use Quizlet as well. Since then, it has been one of the most used tools as far as relaying educational information.

2. Quizlet, as mentioned before, provides students, teachers, and more free resources that can be used to help them gather information on different subjects and topics and study, leading to an increase in knowledge. Once a user has signed up for an account, they are able to develop their own study methods with whatever information they have learned and from there, it is posted to the public for others to use as a study tool if they're having trouble learning the same material. 

3. This tool is one of the best as far as providing information and study tools for almsot any cirriculum, available at any level and is accessible around the world. The people at Quizlet attempt to make this study tool easy yet beneficial due to the fact they feel that learning occurs when people put the time in to actually study. As mentioned before, they all people to create their own study sets and methods which in return benefit others worldwide who may have trouble retaining the same material. I can say, from personal experience, that Quizlet has definitely helped me in the past with understanding material that I had trouble comprehending before using it. 

4. As previously said, this study tools is used by students, teachers, and people of all ages looking to learn different material worldwide, whether they are in or out of a classroom or lecture hall. As far as teachers, they are able use this study tool to help their students get more in tuned with what they are learning. With that being said, with Quizlet being able to provide different study modes for all different types of learners, studetns are able to study material in a way that is best for them. Furthermore, teachers are able to develop put out study material for their students and even practice quizzes to track if their students are progressing or not. 

5. Using Quizlet does come with some pros and cons. For example, although Quizlet provides information and material that benefits not only students and teachers worldwide, alike Wikipedia, people are able to make accounts and put in material that is not always factual which could negatively impact others who are trying to retain information that they are struggling with. However, as said before, a pro about Quizlet is that when people do post valid information it is beneficial for those who use it as a study tool.

6. Resources that are available for instructors range from different things such flashcards and even presentations with voice overlays that are used to help explain the material that is displayed. It all depends on the person who uploaded the information and the style that it came in. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

What is Copyright?

Copyright law is a type of assurance gave by the United States to the makers of the work. It applies to class and expert ventures since you utilize recordings, tunes, papers and so forth that are not generally yours so you have to know how to appropriately utilize them to comply with the laws and maker. Great rules for utilizing media fittingly are check who possesses it, inspire consent to utilize it legitimately, offer credit to who made it, get it on the off chance that you need to, and utilize it mindfully.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Are Video Games Making Your Kids Smarter?

Are Video Games Making Your Kids Smarter?

1) The speaker's claim in this presentation is that with this new up and coming generation, also known as "Generation G" according to him, that gaming is the new trend and can actually be beneficial toward children's learning and other cognitive skill development. The message within this presentation was for parents who may be against video games to join this trend with their children or children they work with.

2) The speaker believes this because it is stated that kids must have some sort of multitasking skill in order to play video games due to the advancement in games along with more buttons and tasks that must be completed in order to achieve goals within the game being played.

3) Evidence showing that video games may be beneficial towards kids is that there are five components involved with increasing fluid intelligence; seeking novelty, challenging the individual themselves, thinking creatively, completing tasks the hard way, and networking. Along with this it is stated that games present an exponential increase in learning. The speaker also uses an example from a 3rd grade teacher and educator, Ananth Pai, who was able to have his students increase their reading level from 3rd grade level to mid 4th grade level in a matter of 18 weeks by using a video game based curriculum involving Nintendo DS gaming systems.

4) As mentioned before, I found it very interesting that Ananth Pai was able to develop a video game based cirriculum of his own that helped his students increase their reading levels by nearly 2 levels in a span of 18 weeks. In my opinion that is pretty remarkable because this is also being done on a portable gaming system that kids use everyday.

5) In my opinion, I feel that in some cases video games can be beneficial for children especially after watching the video and seeing actual evidence that it not only helps kids learn and develop other cognitive skills but that it is also fun and enjoyable for them. My only concern would be that kids could be easily distracted with using gaming systems such as a Nintendo DS which is capable of playing other games which could take away from one's learning. However, I think that if the use of video games is in a controlled learning environment, it could definitely be beneficial for the youth.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

MI Theory and Technology

1. The relationship between emotions and learning is that they both occur in the brain and are correlated due to the fact that they are both relay stations for one another. For example, if an individual is struggling in a class, he/she may tend to show anger and frustration as opposed to one that may not be struggling in a class, where the student would display some sort of happiness or a more peaceful nature.

2. The MI theory could support this relationship because if one has multiple sources of intelligence the chances are he/she will also have multiple emotions for each type of intelligence. 

3. An example of how technology could support my strongest MI in my weakest subject area is that I could use different types of softwares and technological services that come along with technology itself so that I could gain intelligence on certain subjects in my weak area. 

4. The MI theory is significant regarding teaching and learning in the 21st Century because in this day in age, we have many more types of subjects being taught as opposed to earlier years. With that being said, with the MI theory, we are able teach and also learn these new subjects and spread new information for people to take in. 

5. "Emotions are the relay stations between sensory input and thinking."

Lawson, Candy. The Connections Between Emotions and Learning. January 2002.