Thursday, September 1, 2016

MI Theory and Technology

1. The relationship between emotions and learning is that they both occur in the brain and are correlated due to the fact that they are both relay stations for one another. For example, if an individual is struggling in a class, he/she may tend to show anger and frustration as opposed to one that may not be struggling in a class, where the student would display some sort of happiness or a more peaceful nature.

2. The MI theory could support this relationship because if one has multiple sources of intelligence the chances are he/she will also have multiple emotions for each type of intelligence. 

3. An example of how technology could support my strongest MI in my weakest subject area is that I could use different types of softwares and technological services that come along with technology itself so that I could gain intelligence on certain subjects in my weak area. 

4. The MI theory is significant regarding teaching and learning in the 21st Century because in this day in age, we have many more types of subjects being taught as opposed to earlier years. With that being said, with the MI theory, we are able teach and also learn these new subjects and spread new information for people to take in. 

5. "Emotions are the relay stations between sensory input and thinking."

Lawson, Candy. The Connections Between Emotions and Learning. January 2002.